Yudhi Dwi Fajar Maulana


The development of information, communication, and technology (ICT) today has benefits value for each element, includes for government institutions. One form of ICT utilization that is currently being implemented in government institutions is Open Government Data (OGD). OGD is proven to be able to improve the government’s transparencies and accountabilities; increase public participations; create a bigger opportunities of data use to boost economy and support new inventions whether in public or private sector. Although, the failure of OGD implementation is found sometimes, the initiation of OGD implementation remains as an interesting topic to discuss. Currently, the initiation of OGD in Indonesia continues to increase. In line with bigger interest in the initiation of Open Government Data in Indonesia, supports from research that addresses the issue of OGD initiation is needed. Thus, the optimum benefits from the initiation of OGD can be obtained. Therefore, this study conducted a literature review to understand how the development of OGD research in the world, especially related to research focus area, research methods and data sources used. From the 18 papers obtained through the Kitchenham stage, it was concluded that, there were three focus areas of the OGD research, namely the assessment for adopting OGD, implementation of OGD, and studies comparison. In term of research methods, generally, OGD-related studies use quantitative, qualitative, mix and descriptive methods with data sources were gained from observations, surveys, analysis documents and interviews. The findings in this study can provide an overview of OGD research which contribute to the implementation of OGD research in Indonesia.


open data, open government data, study literature review

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